Located in the Mediterranean Sea, 150 km off the coast of Spain and the city of Valencia, Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands - namely Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. 7Pines Resort Ibiza is perched on a clifftop on the west coast and surrounded by distinctive pine trees which gave the island the name of "Pitiusas" by the Greeks. Ibiza International Airport is situated 22 km away.

Ibiza enjoys beautiful weather year-round with mild winters and warm spring, summer and autumn. You can expect 25 degrees and sunshine in May and June, 30 degrees and above in July and August with long sunshiny days, and 25 degrees in September and October.

Spanish is the official language of Ibiza, althouhg you may hear "Ibicenco" during your visit as well as many foreign and maybe familiar languages given the cosmopolitan aspect of the island. At the resort, our team speaks Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Here are some easy and useful Spanish phrases:
Hello = Hola
Bye = Adiós
Good morning = Buenos días
Good afternoon = Buenas tardes
Good evening = Buenas noches
Please = Por favor
Thank you = Gracias
You're welcome = De nada
Sorry = Lo siento
Yes = Sí
No = No
Cheers = Salud
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